Installation of a new control system for pill conveying process

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of this thesis was provided by Gamma Digital Ltd. The title of my work is Installation of a new control system for pill conveying process.

During my time with the company I separated the two different plants’ control systems which are the medicine producing plant and the packing plant. I became familiar with the old system construction and its functions. I had the chance to work with the old Step 5 development environment as part of the team who chose the new control unit. I worked in a more modern development environment modifying the old code.

For this task I had to get familiar with the electrical plans signs. To understand the construction of the plant I needed to get to know the terms of the network. To accomplish this goal I had to study not just the new STL programming language but both of the development environments as well. After I got to know the development environments I achieved my goals with more ease.

I completed the development process, which ends with deployment in the medicine factory. I acquainted myself with the construction of the medicine factory, the steps of the installation and the preparation of the required documents.


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