Planning and development of an application for managing tachograph data on Java platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my work, I developed an application software, the purpose of which is to aid the inspection of the command for bus and truck drivers in respect of conformance to the rules codified by the National Trasport Authority.

The software's target users are the leaders of corporations working in the field passenger and cargo trasportation. It supports mutliple companies with storage of basic identification inforamtion about the drivers, data import from digital tachograph cards and also to view and edit the command of individual companies. The imported data can be viewed graphically on a daily grouped basis. The interface intended for the handling of the command for the given company can also be used to enter data manually. The conformance is automatically checked and if the current settings are not complying with the rules an immediate notification is given to the user. There are numerous complex rules to be tested, for instance: The daily driving time can not exceed 9 hours basicly, but driving time of 10 hours is tolerable twice a week; the weekly driving time can not exceed 56 hours and the two-weekly can not be more than 90 hours.

Given the rules it can be easily understood, why the use of an application software like the one being discussed is advised. Considering a company with hundreds or even thousands of drivers, auditing system based on human decision making is error-prone and needs enormous amount human labour.


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