Microcontroller based hardware design as scoreboard interface

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays wide range of electronic equipment are around us everywhere, but we often don’t realize it, because it became so natural. This phenomenon couldn’t miss out sporting activities either. Sport competitions require even greater precision and speed, which could be hardly solved only by human resources. So using mechanized solutions by the organizer, or by the competitors became evident. This trend reached the archery tournaments too, the topic of my thesis is related to an archery scoring system improvement.

The task of my thesis is I have to design and then implement a hardware, which will ensure the communication from the PC control software towards the archery scoring machines and the scoreboards, and make an additional interactive interface towards the user of the system.

To complete this task, it’s essential to study the structure of the existing system, learn about the communication protocols (CAN, UART) of the devices, and clarify the required functions and services. Knowing this information it will be possible to design the necessary circuit elements and then put together the whole assembly. Since the hardware worth nothing by itself, there will be the development of the microcontroller operating software, and then the functional testing of the whole assembly.


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