Control of chemical reactions in a tank reactor

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Gincsainé Dr. Szádeczky-Kardoss Emese
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The control of chemical reactions is widely used in several fields of the industry. The kind of actions allow the reproducibility of these processes, thus maintaining a constant concentration level and ensuring the proceeding of the demanded reaction steps. During the desired reaction, the production of excess by-products is to be lowered and hence the safety factor of the procedure can be further improved.

In my thesis isothermal reactions are handled in a tank reactor, which consist of two reactants. The reactor is assumed to be perfectly mixed and maintains a constant volume during our tests. The input of this system is the reactant volume flow furthermore I have chosen the output to be the concentration level of the product. Later in my work, I am modelling the system and the obtained non-linear plant is linearized in the near domain of the quiescent point. The behavior of this linearized plant model was excited with change of the input and state vector. In the next step a serial compensator was designed with a predefined phase margin and bounded actuation level. With these methods the observability and controllability features were tested and this way a controllable sub domain was chosen and to this domain a controller was designed. The controls aim to achieve an accurate concentration rate, which plays a key role in the chemical industry. During my work all the models and the controls were designed and examined in the Matlab Simulink environment.


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