Programming of Siemens and Schneider PLC based control teaching devices

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subjects of my diploma are the two-tank pump model, the multivariate process model, a Danfoss frequency converter and the Fischertechnik production line model, that are placed in the department for educational purposes. The purposes of the diploma are to become familiar with these control technology models, to electrical redesign the first two of it, and to write PLC programs to control these, on recent programming languages.

The first chapter gives a short overview of the most important tasks of today’s automation, and the most often used solution tools.

The second chapter introduces the Siemens control devices, that can be found in the lab.

The third chapter is about the assemble of the Siemens training centers, and the fitting to the models.

The fourth chapter gives a brief overview of the Fischertechnik production line model’s structure and interfaces. After this the workflows, realized by the program, and the user interface will be presented.

The fifth chapter deals with the renovation of the two-tank pump model and with the controlling, with Schneider M340 PLC.

The sixth chapter shows the different control modes of the Danfoss VLT 2800 frequency converter.

The seventh chapter is about the electrical redesign of the multivariate process model.

The last chapter is an appendix, where you can find the documentation of the models (schematic, terminal assignment).


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