Development of the Website Content Management Engine of a Subject

OData support
Dr. Czirkos Zoltán
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis I developed a new content manager engine, which uses modern technologies, easy to improve, and capable of serve materials of multiple subjects simultaneously.

The origin of my work was an already existing system called „InfoC”. The engine of this website is already used by multiple subjects. My new engine intends to replace this existing one.

The eventual system is a server application written in NodeJS, which reads, process, and serve the materials, which are stored as static files on the server’s file system. Since the subject-specific configurations are also stored as static files, adding new subjects or materials to the system is quite easy.

Because of that (and since the server application is really simple) the maintenance and development of the new system is much easier than the old one.

In my documentation I explicate the process of my work from design to tests. My content management engine will be a part of the full subject webpage, this part will take responsibility for storing and serving the slides of presentations for the students. Also, my application have to ensure an interface to the administration module, which will be developed later, and which will take responsibility for identify the users and will provide solutions for administration of subjects.


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