Multiplatform Application for Supporting Classroom Education

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


My task is to complete a multiplatform mobile application for supporting in-class education. The main goal is to make education easier, more interactive, more fluent, speaking of college, university, primary or secondary school. One of the best methods for achieving this is to let all participating students interact during the class with the lecturer, with the help of an application installed on their phone or tablet. With the help of that software, students are capable of answering a question at the same time during the lesson, just by pressing the right letter belonging for the right answer on an ergonomic user interface, or by typing the exact number for a quantitative question, and other similar scenarios. The teacher creates a poll on her device, then students can immediately pick their votes. As voting has been closed, everybody gets a summary showing the results in a chart, which can be embedded in the presentation as well.

Since nowadays it is common to own a smartphone, in my thesis I aimed a wide range of portable devices, including the cheaper and the more expensive ones, with which almost everybody with such kind of a device from this kind, can take part in the quiz.


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