Power supply of a farm based on biogas power station

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays, the rate of energy consumption causes serious problems in production of the necessary energy. The integration of the renewable energy sources could be a solution for this concern. The decentralized electricity production is going to be a relevant method in the near future contrary to the centralized one.

In my thesis I analyzed the possibility of the usage of renewable sources. I used a biogas based combined heat and power plant to supply a farm’s energy consumption, that is far away from the electricity network. The biogas power plant is based on the refuse of a pig farm. I estimated the consumption profile of the farm, considering several options. I looked at the possibility of the solar power, and energy storage supplement, and compared the investment expanses.

I think the conscious energy consumption combined with protection of the environment, is a subject, which is worthy of discussion, and take up the question. The fast technology progression helps these applications to use them extensively.


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