Powering a farm based on biogas

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Fossil energy resources are being depleted, and pollution is also an ever-growing problem. Using renewable energy sources seem to be a plausible solution to cover the growing electric energy needs.

By using renewable energy sources, the current centralized energy production might be switched to decentralized production. In this thesis I examine the creation of such a power station. I will discuss the design of a biogas plant with the goal of satisfying local needs. I will show the tools used for the design, and I will also study customer needs. Solar power and accumulator bank supplements will also be taken into consideration, since these might be good alternatives in certain conditions.

I strongly believe that biogas has a great potential in respect to electric energy production in rural areas and also in the whole area of Hungary, and that it should be used more widely. This is the only type of renewable energy that can be stored without losses, therefore it might be a good supplement to other renewable sources. In case if we would like to protect the environment by using an energy source that can be precisely utilized, we should opt for biogas.


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