Electric power supply of a farm with additional wind power

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering


Nowadays power supply is more and more important. We live in such an age when power outages can totally paralyze our lives. If power supply does not meet the required quality level it can cause setback in productivity at workplaces, factories, workshops, assembly works and many other areas. It is even more cardinal at places where providing the required quality is equal with providing an uninterruptible power supply. In such cases we have to apply devices that can detect the loss of grid and can switch without delay to some kind of complementary energy source. In my thesis I analyzed a similar case. In a farm, which is being built now, although municipal electricity grid is available, an amount of 10% daily loss is still predicted. There is a chicken rearing facility on this farm, which needs constant power supply at all circumstances. Therefore I had to provide an additional source of energy for the already existing supply by using a wind turbine, energy storing elements and a switch, which detects the loss of grid and immediately switches to stored energy when needed. Beside this, when the network is available, the wind turbine feeds it, hence providing an extra amount of power.

During my work, I analyzed the energy consumption of a chicken rearing facility, the most significant costs, and the economical effect that an uninterruptible power supply has. Beside this I have examined the conformity criteria for wind turbines and worked up the conformity testing and certificating standard. I have found and examined the conditions and the way of licensing network feeding. Finally, I have done some calculations on returning costs, with and without the use of financial support.

Power supply or supplementary power supply with renewable energy sources is an interesting topic. In some areas there is no way to build municipal electrical network, therefore renewable sources could mean the only real way of continuous electrical supply. On the other hand, decentralized energy production and the problem of replacing fossil sources are becoming more and more important. I do believe that with the help of new technologies renewable energy could take the leading role from fossil sources at an affordable price and with a quick return of investment. 


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