Powering a farm in island operation

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays energy consumption is at its height, thus we constantly need to generate energy. The fossil energy resources are limited, their exploration, consumption and price is rapidly growing. Using renewable energy sources for electricity generation and heath generation would solve this problem. The advantage of alternative energy is the fact, that it is unlimited and at the same time, environment friendly. In the future, it will become more accessible on the market; therefore I really feel it is important to support this technology. The theme of my thesis is the supply of a farm; exclusively from renewable energy sources; because it is located far from any conventional energy grids. In the first chapter, I detailed solar energy and wind power, mentioning devices that transform these into electricity, like solar panels or wind turbines. Then I went on to plan and map the farm`s overall electricity needs including the creation of a system, which could sustain it. The next chapter was dedicated to heat energy, sun collectors (panels) biogas and geothermal energy, with which the heating and hot water needs of the farm could be supplied. I also created the system, in accordance with the farm`s heat energy needs. One chapter was used to give information on energy storage and the non-grid powered solar panel system, which is an important element of that. At the end, I carried out calculations on the cost of all of these, factoring in economic benefits and other variables, like the price of the elements.


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