Nutrition information processing and visualisation during tight glycaemic control

OData support
Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

To manage the metabolic balance of the human body is a serious challenge in the intensive care. There are many alternative treatment protocols to solve this problem. STAR (Stochastic TARgeted) is a so-called tight glycemic control (TGC) protocol and an associated advisory system to help to achieve this treatment goal. I had the opportunity to join to the development of the STAR software application through my thesis.

Selection the right feeding control is very important in the course of the treatment. Doctors define every morning the optimal feeding target to all patient. In order to achieve this, the energy and the nutrient content of the nutrition, as well as the ratio of this components should be monitored. The application stores the nutrition history on the treatment device and in the backed system.

In my work, at first I acquainted with the application and the new software framework, then I started to attend with functions of the nutrition intake.

As a first step I implemented new functions helping to specify the daily nutrition target values for the doctors, then I developed a module which processes and visualizes the stored raw data, and provides tracking and analysis options. Finally, I created new software components to export data supporting the proper documentation of the therapy.


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