Performance Evaluation of Storage Area Network Devices

OData support
Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the document below I look into the structure and performance evaluation of the storage network in the department laboratory. The goal of this work to give an insight of the Storage Area Network deployed in the laboratory and determine it’s performance levels in it’s current state.

The performance evaluation of such systems is not a simple task and the road to success can be filled with serious pitfalls. The complexity of this measurement process originate from the large number of variables that must be taken into account. These variables come from the various equipment that contributes in the data transportation process. These variables can be data transportation speed, latency, processor utilization, harddrive access time.

Before the performance evaluation at the end of this document, I showcase several storage architectures like Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Storage Attached Network (SAN) and I review data transportation techniques used in such environments like SCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI.


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