Desing of the electrivc network and overvoltage protection of a house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The underlying paper aims to present and document questions and tasks that need to be resolved, arising during the implementation of a concrete design task. The paper is a combined work composed of three clearly separable components. The first part contains the assessment of a selected apartment building’s electricity needs, serial and parallel protection devices designed and selected according to these needs, as well as the presentation of other specific materials related to electric engineering. The second part analyses a document that plays an important role in practice: the technical specification. Forming a part of each design documentation, it is of basic importance. Finally, the third part of the paper presents distributing and electricity grid routing plans prepared with the help of engineering softwares. In the course of my research, I have applied theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained at the university, as well as during internships. In this way, I applied technical solutions, existing legislation and valid standards corresponding to nowaday’s technical requirements.


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