Developing a Web Application for Organizing Board Game Events

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Over the past decades, the Internet has been a principal feature in people's daily lives. Today it has become the most important tool for communication and acquiring information. In addition to its many positive factors, it’s important to recognize the dangers associated with technological advancement. The social and community life of people has been relegated in the recent times.

That's the reason why I chose the objective of my thesis to create an online platform, where people can enjoy themselves, and at the same time live their social life in reality. The application takes advantage of the opportunities provided by technology, bringing the virtual and real world closer to each other, and the benefits of it, without compromising the real experience of community games and the creative role of the community.

At the beginning of this thesis I will briefly establish the selected technologies, and then introduce the detailed requirements for the software. Then I present the entire design process, highlighting the architecture of the application. The next step is the description of the most important implementation stages of the application, including the decisions made during the development. Finally, the experience attained during the writing of the thesis can be read.


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