European Markets of Ancillary Services

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Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the electricity systems the use of the ancillary services are necessary to keep the balance of the system. The acquisition is the task of the Transmission System Operators on the ancillary services markets. Because of the approaching electricity market integrations the electricity markets are going to change rapidly. The process will also affect the ancillary services markets. The ancillary services markets in the European countries presently differ from each other in the market rules and in the market products. Because of the market integrations, the market differences are going to decrease. In my thesis I present the presently used balancing products in the European continent. I describe in details the market models in four countries (Hungary, Denmark, Germany and Belgium). I discuss the implemented international cooperation’s regarding the ancillary services, in regards to the IGCC. With the help of simple models, I examine the justification of the tenders and auctions, which cover different time periods, the effects of the use of different day resolutions, and the results of the variant weighting of the applied fees (capacity and energy fee).


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