Content pipeline for multiplatform games

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the rapid evolution of computer technoloty new needs emerged both on client and developer side which weren’t unsolvable anymore. These needs produced new architectures and new platforms after that, and in the last few decades showed unbelievably rapid evolution. No wonder that in this formerly PC and Console dominated game-industry the mobile devices appeared and nowadays their potential has become comparable to the first two competitors. This shrinking speed- and architectural- difference made the developers to move towards multiplatform game-development, and try to reach more devices with the simplest and least painful solutions. One of the most important tasks amongst the many is the content-pipeline, which handles the reading, converting and saving in more efficient formats of the previously created game-contents. Naturally one needs to be know of the technologies and the market, be aware of the available formats and their capabilities, also most potent and helpful game-engines and frameworks at hand.

I will focus on the content-pipeline in my diploma, looking at the types of the contents, their development tools and will analyze the pros and cons of multiplatform game-development, and showing a big picture of the more and more complex world of game-engines and frameworks. In the last part I will demonstrate the main steps of the content-pipeline creation with my own works both from 2D and 3D side.


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