Intelligent access control system

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of the thesis is to design the terminal units of an intelligent entrance system with remote control and to make the prototype. The essay introduces the process of the system engineering, the development of hardware and software modules.

In the first chapter are presented the RFID cards and their classification, the types of currently used card readers and writers, and the Mifare EVK 1K Smart Card RFID cards used in our dormitory.

In the second chapter are determined the requirements, turned into the principles of the design process. The specific methods of use and functions are presented. To implement the presented functions required by the external devices are gathered.

In the third chapter is represented the system plan of the unit, which gives the frame of the hardware composed afterwards. The central units are selected.

The forth chapter describes the plans of schematics and printed-circuit boards.

The fifth chapter introduces the programs necessary for operating the module. The adjustment of light intensity, operating the proximity sensors and the opening sequence are represented. The communicational commands are defined.

In the sixth chapter is the user documentation for the module. The in- and outputs of the unit, the whole finished schematic, and the implantation plan and list of components needed for the production are presented.


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