Electronic design and control software development of a district-heating center

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In Debrecen, Hungary one of the city’s district-heating centers is about to be modernized. Part of this project is the rework of its current electronic design, which is the task of IAS Automatika Kft., the firm that helped me write this thesis.

The redesign consists of many subtasks, of which some are the topics of my thesis.

In the first part, I would like to introduce some general aspects of the district-heating centers, including the process of a modernizing project, what role a district-heating center has in a building, and what items are going to be used.

After that comes one of the main parts of this thesis, the electronic design itself. This part is about some principals regarding the process of the design, like what the main aspects of the project are, that need to be considered before we even begin to design. Following that I am going to explain how the design came to be, and how the elecrtical system works overall.

The electronic design is followed by the development of the control software. For this I used the controller’s (StruxureWare DDC from Schneider Electric) own design software (StruxureWare Building Operation Project Configuration Tool). Beside the design of the process control software I am going to explain what control method I used, what reasons made me choose that and how it affects the process.

Last but not least, the closing topic of this thesis is the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that I made for the process control software.


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