Remote monitoring system for sensor networks

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the agro-industry has a critical need to increase the quality and the productivity, which urges the applications of technological innovations. For example the viticulture is also such an area, where the competitiveness is highly influenced by the quality of the crop. The proper defense against the pests of the crop and the plant infections is a key to maintain the good quality. To ensure optimum use of the spray protection, indicators and decision support systems may be appropriate. Such a system is the SmartVineyard™ measurement network by Quantislabs Ltd. The SmartVineyard™ measurement stations are deployed into vineyards, and they measure the environmental values in the microclimates. The processing of the collected data is done by client software, which is installed on portable devices. If the SmartVineyard™ measurement network would be connected to a datacenter server through the Internet, you can greatly expand the potential usage of the system. Providing this link, we get additionally remote monitoring capabilities and centralized database. A special, so-called gateway station performs the special connection between the vineyard and the server. This gateway station and the software system of the server was designed and built during the thesis project.


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