Remote desktop solution for Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The need for remotely connecting to other computers has been present in the field of Information Technology for a long time. Remote access can be useful for both the users and the system administrators since it allows them to connect to a high performance server from their desktop machines and use computationally intensive applications. With the spread of high speed internet connections it became possible to access remote servers via graphical interface.

Nowadays the situation is similar to the above between desktop computers and smartphones. The computing performance of today's smartphones matches the performance of Pentium III computers, therefore solving resource-intensive tasks on them is not always possible. With the intense growth in the number of smartphone users and the fast development of mobile telecommunication, the mobile versions of applications providing solution to this problem also started to spread.

This thesis examines these implementations and then shows the steps of the development of a remote desktop application which is specifically designed for smartphones and is based on the examined applications. After presenting the structure and functions of the latest smartphone platform, Google Android, it describes the completed application's features and usage, analyzes its performance and compares it to the existing solutions.

Besides the implementation of a specific remote desktop application this thesis also gives a general overview on developing mobile applications for Google Android and describes mobile telecommunication network generations and their available data rates.


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