Prototype creation of a remote controlled PV module cleaning and surveillance system

OData support
Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

To get the highest efficiency of a solar panel the dirt has to be removed from it’s surface. In my thesis I have worked on developing an off grid, Arduino based controller system, that makes it possible to remotly clean the surface of the solar panels. Furthermore, my system is able to collect wheather observation data and monitor the surrounding objects. During my work I tried to design a controller, that has almost the same knowledge as products which are on the market, but based on low cost components. Though, Aduino is not approved for industrial applications, but it provides an excellent opportunity for prototyping and rapid development.

At the beginning of my thesis, I presented the basics of the Arduino IDE and highlighted its most important advantages. After that I give an overview about the solar data loggers which are avaiable on the market, then I described my own prototype with detailed explanation about what features can be realized and what components can be used to do it. As result, I conducted a measurement with the prototype and analyzed the results of the measurement. Finally I prepared a cost estimate about a 100-pieces series.


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