Real-time simulation of distance measurement signals for a vehicle evolving in a virtual environment

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Cars of today are mostly equipped with park assist systems. These systems mostly have ultrasonic sensors to measure distance from obstacles. Robert Bosch GmbH. is a well-known producer of automotive ultrasonic sensors and systems based on them. This thesis project has been written in the ultrasonic system software test group of the company (CC-DA/EAU3-Bp).

In ultrasonic-based systems the raw distance data will be filtered and processed to determine, that an obstacle in which segment of the HMI will be displayed. The HMI test is one of the most important and most time-consuming task of testing. One of the major limitations of the desktop testing, is that at time it is not solved to move complete “obstacles” without an expensive and hardly accessible tool of an external supplier, only adjusting raw distance data is possible for each sensors with a sensor simulator.

In this thesis project I got familiar with C#, and the interfaces between applications (*.DLL files and the COM interface). I checked the sensor simulator update opportunities, which is written in CANoe™, I used the sensor simulator in CANoe™, and manipulated its environment variables via the COM interface. I created echo calculation algorithms with 3D coordinate-geometry for different types of obstacles (theoretical infinitely high vertical line without extension, pole, prism and wall). I made echo clipping with the approximation of the sensor characteristics, and created a CANoe™ database, from which the sensor parameters and the obstacle positions can be set from CANoe™. Finally I connected the echo calculation algorithm written in C# with CANoe™ with the COM interface and the environment variables of the sensor simulator.


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