Design of lightning protection and outdoor lighting of a gas transmission measuring station

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of my thesis is to introduce the special features of outdoor lightning protection and lighting design in the case of a special gas installation, especially the presence of explosive zones. The specialty of the thesis is that lightning protection and lighting design should be implemented as a coordinated system, taking into account installation problems and interactions.

I will show you how the European standards for the subject matter, the regulations under national jurisdiction, the technical directives and the individual operating regulations are being built on each other. During the design, I point out the differences and determine their priority. As the starting point for the design of each component is the zone classification of the sites, as a first step I will give you an overview of the principles of protection against explosions, classifications, protection methods and the protection measures required at the plant.

The lightning protection of the free space of the station is carried out on the basis of the risk analysis according to the norm (MSZ EN 62305), independent lightning protection conforming to the operational requirements and the location of which is determined by the rolling ball method is established with regard to the explosive area. I create a spatial lighting system that fits into the explosion protection zone classification and lightning protection system, classifying the areas, tasks and activities performed there. I'll give you a look at the applicable specifications, taking into account lighting levels, uniformity, degree of dazzle, and operational aspects. I confirm the suitability of lighting with a lighting calculation program.

I am talking about lighting energy supply, defining and scaling the wiring and the light beams of the electric distributor, defining the options for operating the lighting


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