Analysis of transmission tower earthing in quasi-stationary and transient state

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Our world is equipped with a network of transmission line systems transporting electricity on different voltage levels. As errors may occur in any system, in the case of insufficient protection and safety conditions these could lead to death toll as well. So it is extremely important to have the life saving equipment works properly.

To design and install transmission line towers is not only associated with a high personal responsibility but needs a substantial investment as well. Hazardous voltage can be appears on the towers during short-circuit condition and as the towers can be touched by anybody it makes a high risk for the people.

So it is important to prepare the exact calculations prior to the installation, as any modification of the grounding system after the installation makes high extra expenses.

The topic of my work is to calculate and simulate the properties of these systems focusing to the touch voltage. After the relating theories are shortly summarized the guidelines related to the grounding systems are described.

I prepared the model of a transmission line tower, type Fenyő, using two different kind of software and finally I compared the results.


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