Measurement techniques of tower footing resistance, as well as effective and economic improvement of earthing resistance

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Electrical safety also plays an important role in electric power transmission. Keeping the resistance to earth of tower on enough small value is essential to avoiding dangerous step and touch voltages during faulty conditions. Therefore the resistance to earth of towers must be tested periodically by site measurement.

My thesis consists of six main sections. After a short introduction, the most important basic concepts on this topic are presented, namely resistance to earth and equivalent resistance to earth. In the third part the most frequently used measurement methods are summarized on the basis of technical literature. The fourth part consists a review about effective and economic improvement of resistance to earth. There are presented the effect of additive materials and chemical ground rods as well as the earth wire and earth conductor’s importance. I could take part of a site measurement, which was located south from Pócsmegyer. This measurement is described in the fifth part. In the last section the simulation calculations are presented which are to prove the site measurements’ credibility and demonstrate the efficiency of the known improvement methods.

I hope that my documentations from the site measurements and simulations will be helpful for ELMŰ Hálózati Kft’s employees to make the right decisions about the actions will be performed near Pócsmegyer. I also hope that the problems in the future will be solved easier with these knowledge.


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