Taylor flow in microchannels

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

This thesis gives insight to a multi-disciplinary field, which is called microfluidics. My objective is to create a two-phase flow, the so called Taylor flow, which is typically can be observed in the domain of microfluidics. According to the literature of Taylor flow, I am summarizing the decisive parameters of the Taylor flow. In order to create Taylor flow, I improve a microfluidic measurement system, which provides the proper flow parameters. My objective was to create a proportional valve controller module. I give detailed review of the hardware and software component development. Using the improved system, I characterize the microfluidic system. During the measurements the effects of the flow parameters are examined. In order to create regular Taylor flow (the bubbles are at the same size, and bubble formation speed is constant), I examined the effect of flow velocities, ratio of flow velocities, and channel geometry. During the measurements I created video records of the Taylor flow, which proves that the improved microfluidic system is capable of creating Taylor flow in microchannels.


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