Technological and motivational aspects at computer-aided examinations of cognitive abilities

OData support
Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The cognitive researches are recently gaining momentum and has been developing rapidly. Thanks to the technological advances today we have larger and more colorful variety of tools and programs and with these we can achive a better understanding of brain functions and cognitive capabilities.

In addition there is an increased need to maintain the correct mental functioning especially in Europe where the older age groups have been grown bigger in the last decades. The cognitive capabilities begins to fall back between 50-60, but this is not set into stone, it an be delayed as lots of research results point that out.

In my thesis I present five different services (the applications there and the system as whole), and I review them based on specified criterias. I created a test system, based on these experiences, there are four game available to play and from the collected datas the system can display our performance in various ways. One of these is a heat map-like solution.

Since the spread of mobile platforms opens up new possibilities for testing cognitive abilities, I created two sample application that can be used on mobile platforms, one is an Android application, the other one is based on HTML 5 technology.


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