Developing an Interactive Web Application for Talent Identification

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Through technological advancement, and the internet getting increasingly wide-spread, we have more and more opportunities to develop tools aimed at identifyng gifted children and helping their talents flourish. This is the idea behind the „TehetségKapu” project. It is a web-application that lets students show what they’re good at, and helps them develop further. However, the project is not yet complete, there are still quite a few features missing and it still possesses some flaws that should be corrected.

In my thesis I show how I extended the application’s measurement system so that it supports practice-exercisesheets, that the students can use to prepare for the actual testing-process. I redesigned the page dedicated to letting students know about various events, making it easier to find those that are more relevant to them. I also developed additional administrative features. To be able to understand how I developed these features, I also present the parts of the current system that are relevant to my work. Finally, I make some suggestions on improving the system, for example why it would be beneficial to switch to a less out-dated front-end framework.

The solutions, and observations presented in my thesis may also help in a general sense, to understand how to develop a complex web-application in an efficient, maintainable way.


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