Developing an Online Measurement System to Identify Young Talents

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our developing world mankind’s studying opportunities are playing a major role and becoming more important from time to time. It is a must that humankind should be able to study more efficiently and constantly enhance and develop the amount of data being taken in. Digitalization is crawling into every aspects of our lives, thus changing the game of the everyday people”s lives in the foundations. Job opportunities and places disappear while new ones being created. The new ones demand a higher-level knowledge, more theoretical than practical- and more demanding and exhausting cognitive functions than the ones before. For this, humankind needs support. They must expand the scale of provided opportunities for studying, practicing and teaching methods with certain tools such as computers, mobilphones and the internet itself.

In my thesis, I am going to introduce a subpart of a web-built app, which I made myself and aims to help teachers to discover unexceptional talent among students, whom are worth being provided with support, mentoring and special trainings in the long run. Of course, my application is not only able to provide the above mentioned but also shed light on certain areas in which students are legging behind and they do need some closing up. Thus they get the opportunity to study in the future what they want and immerse in what they are eager about.


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