Development of Gaze Tracking System Based on Image Processing

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my thesis I’ve done research on how to create an inexpensive gaze tracking system based on image processing methods. There are several fields of application where a gaze tracking system can be used. First I studied the two main fields — research and practical — to show the potential of an efficient and robust tracking solution.

Then I evaluated the Hough-transform, the Viola–Jones cascade classifier and blob-based methods. My objective was to find out which one is the best fit for solving the problem of pupil tracking — the cornerstone of this area. From the point of efficiency and robustness, I found the blob-based tracking to be the most reliable method for implementing the pupil tracking.

Based on blob analysis I’ve presented a solution for a working gaze tracking system using the OpenCV library for image processing, and the Qt framework for building the application’s user interface. The implementation was done using the standard C++ programming language and using the above mentioned libraries a robust and cross-platform tracking solution can be made.


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