Centralized Call Recording for Cisco VoIP Systems

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Recording telephone calls in enterprise networks is an extremely important task for a lot of companies regardless of their main profiles. As voice transmission over IP networks (Voice Over IP or VoIP) is becoming more and more popular in these networks, a wide variety of hardware and software solutions are made available to record those transmissions. Each of these solutions provides a certain level of efficiency depending on the network architecture it’s deployed in.

Cisco Systems is one of the market leaders in the field. In my thesis I work with one of Cisco’s latest hardware recording solutions. The device is a Cisco Voice Gateway. Cisco recently added a new component to its gateways, which allows any call touching the gateway to be recorded directly through it. I plan and implement a recording software that complements the hardware component and integrates with the existing recording system of Verba Technologies. I also plan and build a test environment to test the new recording method.

In the first chapters of the thesis I briefly present Cisco’s telecommunications system and Verba’s recording system, highlighting the available recoding methodologies. Then I lead the Reader through the planning and implementation process of the recording software working with the Cisco gateway’s new recoding component. Finally I elaborate the construction of the test environment and the testing itself. At the end of the thesis is the review of the completed task detailing the possible options for further development.


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