Development of mobile traffic tracking system

OData support
Gerencsér Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Services as phone calls, message sending, surfing the internet, downloading are such services, which costs money, and that is the reason why we must precisely follow this parameters. The standard software on the phones often incapable for this use, because they are inaccurate, so for measuring is out of option, and also for to warn us, which counts for all users, for this use there are other applications, but those are not as satisfying as they should be.

For the proper, precise, and satisfying monitoring, I developed an application, which includes the call measurement, listing, records the message count, traffic stats, web surfing, and downloading, that we can handle freely.

Furthermore for remote inspection, checking there is also a need it the group of users. These users can be a family, a smaller company, therefore it is important to be well informed about the group, for the individual person how is paying the bill. In order to accomplish the service in my application, I have built in a client, which sends information to a server, so the users’ traffic can be monitored.


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