Application of telegram-based communication in automated warehouse systems

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

An international car manufacturing firm decided to expand its plant in Hungary, thus it can keep up with the changed consumer requirements and to satisfy the growing demands. A high framing store will play a decisive role in the second plant’s logistics, that will have a connection not just with the former store, but also with the new plants.

My thesis’ goal is to present this high framing store and the telegram communication which was implemented therein. My report describes the control structure of the company standard applied worldwide and presents its most significant features.

The subject of the next chapter is about the also standardized HMI environment. After discussing the ordinary definitions, this section permits an insight to the running of the counter-scope displays and the operation-tracking screens along with the communication screens.

After that comes the detailing of the central-carbody-store’s structure. Besides this I write about each level’s function.

The report shows an image about the implemented telegram connection, from the very beginning. It will describe the build-up of those message-frames, and the process of the materialization of communication with the former developing environment. After that it represents some elementary examples of information exchanges between devices.

The presentation of the prior system begins with the control structure of the communication and the high-framing store procedures. There will be a review about the types of processes and course of a removal.

Finally, the description of the new environment, the realization of the communication and the supplementary blocks, as well as the test and development opportunities.


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