Automatization of issuing process for telecommunications applications

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays there are more and more tasks that can be done withouth human interactions. A process should be automated if it shows a recurring behaviour.

There are more parts of software engineering where automation can be useful. The creation of the deployment package of an application and the related administrational steps are one of those parts.

At HP Hungary Ltd. (HP) I had a chance to get involved in the development of an automated process thet craetes the deployment package of an application release and accomplish all the related administrative steps. HP has more developer teams. These teams create the deployment packages in different steps. It is required of the process to have more smaller processes realizing these different steps, but it also has a part in common. When i got involved in the development of this process, the smaller processes were in different stages of the development.

The goal of my thesis is showing how I understood the operational structure of the process, how I developed the process and how I tested the process. In my thesis I present the basics of version controlling and the way how HP use version controlling systems. Before I started to develop the process I examined it. First I examined the common part of the process, then the operable and non-operable parts.

One of the groups had a finished subprocess another group had an unfinished subprocess and the third group’s subprocess was missing. First I started to work with the unfinished subprocess, the I started to create the third missing subprocess.

After I finished the developement work I tested the processes I developed, then I examined the subprocesses of the three groups by similarity.


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