Realization of a telecommunication service requesting process in IBM/SOA environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In the first half of my thesis i looked up the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), i examined it's most important properties and parameters. SOA is a corporate widely spread IT architecture, which supports recycling, loose coupling and cooperation between systems. In addition i studied the Business Process Managenement (BPM) too. After studying the basic technologies my purpose was to make a model, which i follow a subscription's lifecycle. I realized it in the Websphere developer’s environmet. Besides i implemented more processes, and i created a web-based page to make the whole task more client-centric (JSP pages) Those JSP pages have important functions, the users can only reach the processes through the pages.

One of my process is more complex, than the others, in this process i used a lot of component of the system. Practically in this process can the clients order the communication services from the supplier.I review the components of the process step by step. This complex process has a decision part, implemeted by a so-called rule engine. We can go through on the whole process following the lifecyle of BPM. The other processes aren’t so complicated in planning view. In this processes i perform such database operations like addition, modification and deletion.Generally i can say that the user roles of the processes are separated.It’s very important, because i control that the employees at the service how much rights have in decision making situations.

After the implementation i made a lot of attention on the next steps of developing cycle too. I discovered the possibilities of the developing environment, and i made a lot of tests and simulations. The simulations helped me to get some valuable riporting datas from the processes. I also used those datas for giving some optimalization possibilities.


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