Design and built of a robotic arm for telemanipulation

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Haptic feedback, generally referred to as simply "haptics", is the sense of touch in a user interface designed to provide information to an end user. While many consumer products are intended to support the user with audible or visual alerts, haptics is gaining more and more space which makes this technical field progressing, challenging and prospering.

Master-slave systems, where the operator and the controlled device are usually in different location, demand the use of haptics by force feedback. Implementing the sense of touch, on one hand, the performance of the system can be dramatically increased and on the other hand, locations unreachable so far can be targeted and approached.

The main aim of this thesis is basically to develop one degree of freedom robotic manipulators to examine and demonstrate the bilateral control methods that are most popular in technical literature. The thesis also includes the development of the motor driver hardware, motor controller using conventional cascade control loops and the communication interface that connects the two manipulators.

Besides the brief theoretical research, several measurements were taken in order to demonstrate the implemented bilateral control methods and to compare their behaviour.


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