Developing a telemetry modul for go-kart

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The ‘Go-Kart, Go-Bosch!’ is a competition organized by Robert Bosch Kft, where different university teams compete with each other. The task of the teams is to create a kind of go-kart which is equipped with systems similar to modern cars. For this the organizing company provide them with different equipment such as gasoline-powered go-kart, electric motors with different power, Mid-Range Radar, Multi Purpose Camera, and ultrasonic sensors, which they have to use during the development. Forward and reverse and the ignition has to be done with the help of he provided equipment. They also have to develop electric brake, gas and steering for the driver assistance systems. Go-karts are able to run on petrol and they can be purely electric-powered or hybrid cars. The university teams are building go-kart for years and they provide them with new functions every year that’s why it is possible to apply to the competition in junior and senior categories. In the senior category it has a bigger emphasis that functionality of future modern cars must be realised in the go-kart imaginatively and professionally as possible. Such functions are emergency breaking, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking and home zone assist.

In order to validate the operating of these functions and assess them on competitions also to get an insight into technical details for the spectators, they needed a telemetry module with which it is possible to make remote measurements and control with the help of wireless communication. The telemetry module is a plug and play which means that a 12 V power supply and two DB9 connectors has to be linked. These connectors are necessary to the CAN. On one of the CAN the Mid-Range Radar and Multi Purpose Camera provided by Bosch are placed, on the other the messages sent by the teams. In order to monitor the packages sent by the telemetry module we need a properly adjusted Wi-Fi router and a server which receive data.

The module operates as a gateway between the Bosch radar and camera and the teams, provides UDP client and TCP server for the telemetry server; also it operates as a bridge between the two CAN. This means that it monitors the messages come from both CAN and lets only the proper ones to the other side while it send the given messages to the telemetry server wireless and receives those which come from there.


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