Power electronic system development for PMSM motor driven racecar

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today, vehicles with electric powertrain are gaining ground. A growing number of car manufacturers put purely electric or hybrid driven vehicles on the market, electric-powered racecars are more often appear on the racetracks. The first Formula E race season was held in this year, where the competitors could compare their skills in driving electric race cars. The Formula Student Electric tournament was started few years ago, where race cars built by university students allowed to participate. Our university is also represented in the tournament. The construction of this vehicles needs outstanding engineer work. There was a need for the replacement of the faulty motor controller in the very fisrt electric race car. My thesis aims to present the process of a power electronic module development, which is going to be the main component of that race car. The behaviour of the permanent magnet synchronous motor and the today used motor controlling solutions will be presented. The thermal simulation of the power semiconductor devices and the power electronic geometry planning are involved together with FEM parasitic inductance estimation. Finally the test system will be demonstrated.


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