Methods for linearization of power amplifiers

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Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Power amplifiers are vital components of microwave communicational networks. These devices are responsible for increasing the output signal to a required level. Although, their role is simple, realizing them is very complicated. Their properties determine the whole communicational network’s capabilities. Running them is expensive therefore it is mandatory to design them with high efficiency, but high linearity in the same time. Efficiency, linearity, manufacturing and design costs cannot be improved independently. The main issue is the relationship between efficiency and linearity. High efficiency amplifiers are not linear, linear amplifiers are not efficient. Balancing these properties invoked several techniques since the dawn of wireless communication. In this thesis I shall present such solutions with a great emphasis on digital baseband predistortion.

In my thesis I give the most important figure of merits and properties of high frequency amplifiers and explain their mathematical modeling. Finally I present my Zynq SoC – AD9361 transceiver chip based digital predistorter.


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