High-Performance RTS game development in Unity

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is a large variety of real-time strategy games, in most cases, the strategic component needed to reach the goal manifests itself in the management of resources and in-game money, smaller fights make it more varied, where having a single unit can make the difference between victory or defeat. Few games emphasize the simulation of battles, even fewer allow commanding thousands. On open terrain tactics, the Total War series has no match; we can command tens of thousands in our campaigns!

Creating such a game is a challenging engineering task, scalability has to be reached in numerous independent places. General purpose game engines are not up for the task, although their use can speed up the development. For fast prototyping, I use the Unity engine for my implementation.

In my thesis, I create a basis of a game similar to the battle simulators of Total War titles, where units are controlled in formations of 100-300 individuals. It is a continuation of my previous project, where the main changes are graphics, animations and unit interaction. The most important aspect is scalability and optimization, the increase in the number of units should alter the requirement of resources ever so slightly, the simulation of battles of tens of thousands should be possible. Other important aspects are expandability and reusability of code for later development.


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