Development of performance tracking and evaluation system on Meteor platform

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I would have definitely liked to create something, what is advantageous and will be used to satisfy some needs. There are a lot of administration tasks in the corporal governance systems specialization of the computer engineering BSc and IT economy MSc, which can be simplified with a unified, clean platform.

I developed a web application with the considerations above, guided by a basic idea, which was every actor should get done its tasks easily. The main reason of a web application is that, it can be reached from any platform or device. For the better versatility (or adapting to the actual needs), the application is completely responsive by design, which means it can be used from smart devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) without any restrictions or problems.

During my work, I learned a lot about several aspects of the software development, because the design and implementation of an application from scratch holds lots of problems and challenges. Furthermore, under the development process, new function ideas came up, which might be worth considering.


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