Power measurement equipment development for electric vehicle

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis was done at Xtalin Ltd. as part of an ongoing project there. My job there was to develop a power measurement module, which would be able to process and log the information attained from a power meter, after the module was integrated into the main module. After that I developed a PC program, to visually represent these values, and modify parameters if needed.

For part one of my thesis my main focus was to get to know the hardware I would be working with, and create software to ensure easy and stable communication between different devices. For this, I used STMicroelectronics’ HAL library to implement a CAN module, which could send and receive messages. These messages would be processed later on.

In order to create a CAN driver with adequate functionality first I had to extensively study the physical and logical properties of the CAN bus. After that I implemented a driver specific to the company’s device, to which not only the power meter but hopefully any CAN device could be connected.

For the second part of my thesis I developed the power measurement module based on the given specifications, using the CAN library which I wrote the previous semester, and other drivers developed by the company. Also a PC software was implemented, which displayed and evaluated the measured values.

First I had to understand how each module worked, and get them to work properly for me. After that I tested these modules, got to know their potentials and limitations, set the configuration parameters for them. Sometimes I had to modify the drivers they were using, if I found errors in them or a new function was needed, that was driver specific, and not application specific.

Finally I integrated the different modules to form a whole. I implemented the application layer and tested the completed system. Because of the test results an optimization needed also to be done.


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