Development of therapeutic methods for the treatment of cancer using artificial intelligence tools

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my work, based on a model, which is found in the literature, use the behavior of the tumors, using four state variables (tumor cells, normal cells, immune cells and amount of chemotherapy).

I studied the chemotherapy-free and the raised tumor cell population versions of the model, and as a result I worked with the raised number of tumor model.

I designed a fuzzy controllers for this model. The controllers use Mamdani implications and four state variables. I modified the controllers, decreasing the number of state variables (only using the tumor) and changing the input membership functions.

I made another fuzzy controller as well, however it uses Sugeno implications.

In the next step, we developed a direct type first order adaptive fuzzy controller. The models have been compared.

After that , the system is linearized at the set point.

Our results have been compared , and an off-line chemotherapy–treatment has been implemented.


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