Field bus traffic simulator development

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Computing solutions are more and more instrumental in the modern motor-vehicles’s realization of safety and comfort functions and improvement of environmental characteristics and etc.

Nowdays a premium car manufacturer use almost a hundred electronic control units (ECU) and numerous on-board communication buses to configure a reliably operating distributed network, which means a serious algorithm- and communication design and also a logistic challenge. Several standards were formed to rule that complexity, for example CAN and Flexray buses to ensure the reliable communication and FIBEX (Fieldbus Exchange Format) for representing the communication pattern.

Development of the control units doesn’t take place integrated in vehicle and the other units are not available in the network, therefore the check of the network communication is cumbersome. Unfortunately ready solutions (remaining bus simulation systems) - available in the market – are not suitable to be available in a large number of copies during the entire development because of their functionality and price.

My task is about to develop a simply usable and affordable solution with integrating and developing the available hardver and software devices and tools.

In the first part of my thesis the emphasis is on the presentation of the required knowledge. It helps in placing the topic and the subsequent understanding of materials kowledge.

The subsequent chapters start with a small introduction and the most important prior knowledge related to a specific topic start. The order of topics follow the pace of software development. This is followed by a description of Fibex, including its type describing: the FlexRay communication protocol. Then I present the implemented data collector plugin for FIBEX. Finally, the TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) description, the implemented Web Server and the configuration interface provided by the Web Server are presented.

In the end I close the thesis with the achived results and further actions to be carried out.


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