Efficient visualisation of volumetric models on the GPU

OData support
Dr. Tóth Balázs György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In case we would like to know what is under the surface on the field of real-time computer graphics then volumetric data could answer our question. In every point of the given finite space they could give properties of the object.

In literature we could find a lot of indirect and direct visualisation algorithms which could be implemented efficiently and able to display volumetric data in real-time.

The topic of this thesis is to design and make a graphics application which is able to produce volumetric models using Kinect2 camera services. The system should support the efficient visualisation of complete volumetric models using graphics hardware.

Starting with the theory of volumetric model and how to create it I discuss the existing model types. One direction is the 3D reconstruction, the other is the computer tomography scans and finally the implicit functions.

The created volumetric models should be stored – possibly not in a wasting way. And the case should be resolved when physically or in time the creation and visualisation of volumetric model is separated from each other or if multiple users would like to get access to the data.


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