Map based content management system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics currently has eight different faculties, having more than 20 000 students together, making it one of the biggest in Hungary. Because of this, the University consists of many buildings, which until now could be seen only in a static map. This changes with the new system that is based on web technologies.

In the context of this thesis, you get an idea how the interactive map was created for Műegyetem. The thesis gives a detailed view to what the requirements were for the application and the solution plans for those. Even further, it contains exactly how the final application was made and how it was tested.

The final application gives the ability to the users to look at the University’s buildings and read all the given information about them. It allows the users to see the uploaded pictures about the outside of the buildings, also their interior through panorama images. The application has an admin page, where the buildings can be managed.


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