Map based data storage and retreival on the web

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Navigation and route planning are almost impossible in big, crowded cities like Budapest. When you go to your office or to the university, you can easily get into traffic jams, even though great GPS tools, and route planning software are on the web. The duration of your route is very important.

Internet and client-side web services are more than simple static web sites, they have useful and effective functions as well. It is possible to build complex and dynamic applications too. Normal users can continuously view interactive interfaces and it is usually easy to view and edit data.

The software is actually an HTML5 based car traffic analytics, it can visualize and filter, stored traffic data of the area of Budapest. It is very fast, thanks to AJAX and you can use it on smartphones too. The source of geodata is from the mobile navigation system EgérÚt, created and maintained by GeoX Kft. and AntaresNav Kft. The web application is based on a heatmap and a basemap layer. It is able to filter various information of the data, and show it on a spectacular interface. It has a statistical diagram view too (with average speed, maximal speed and peak times), and you can observe areas with fuzzy traffic. It is also able to analyze traffic jams with more details, sometimes there are visible traffic lights, which cause them.

The visualization is based on the Leaflet JavaScript library with the Heatmap plug-in. This is a web-based, open-source, mobile friendly map viewer and a heatmap extension. The basemaps are from OpenStreetMap and ArcGIS. The basic components of the software are the database, the server-side script and the client-side web environment. These are inseparable from each other.


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