JAVA based develpoment of a cartographic software's client module

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Planning the cars route, nowadays is a really important challenge to solve.Mainly for the delivery companies, because of cost saving and safety. As the companies transport routes and cars will reach a stable condition, it would be very important to develop a system, to these companies which can handle their informations.

In addition to the above, this software has two main tasks to accomplish. The first is to manage the delivery companies’ datas, and the second is to plan the routes for the delivery cars. The second task is more important, because of the cost reduction and safety. It is important that the physical parameters of these trucks is taken into account in terms of the route planning method. They have special qualities, and they can not go on any route. If these parameters are ignored, that can lead to horrible disasters, such as a highway bridge destruction or something very similar. It is easy to see, that these disasters easily take human lives in the worst cases. The aspect of the cost reduction is less important than the safety, buti t is not negligible from the companies’ point of view.

This thesis’ aims are to develop, design and test the client side of an application which can solve the presented problems of a transport company by using a web applicaiton. In the first section of this thesis, I am describing the specification of the application, and in the second section I am going to summarize the development of the software. Moreover in this section I am going to discuss the major tasks of the developing, and testing methods, for instance choosing the developmental tools, and frameworks, planning the architecture, and the test cases of the application. During the implementation of these tasks, I am going to summarize the main software developmental trends, furthermore I am going to use it to create a maintainable, easily expansible application, what can help in the work of the transport companies.


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