JAVA based develpoment of a cartographic software's server module

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of today’s interesting and relevant problem is the route planning for freight traffic. This problem differs from standard route planning as constraints on the individual road segments, such as the maximal height, width, weight, etc. must be taken into consideration.

The importance of the problem is well illustrated by the everyday traffic disruptions caused by the freight traffic. Take for example a truck that due its size is unable to turn on a highway or reach its destination since its height is greater than the height of a tunnel in front of it. Situations like this could be prevented if a software would desing a path for the truck considering its parameters.

On the market of course there can already be found route planning software for freight traffic, but most of these are out of date or extremely expensive.

The purpose of my thesis is to understand the problem, search for solutions with modern tools and tehcnologies, while considering the software development methodologies learnt during my course.

In my thesis firstly i will present the motivations behind the subject, followed by the detailed specification of the software. After that the tools and technologies used to create the project will be presented, and finally the description of the implementation and the testing.

The project’s advantage is that it gives me insight into the modern tools regarding the management of graphs, and i can participate in the implementation of a team project dealing with an important real problem.


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